Spreadsheet-To-Map.com Gold Seal Realtors Package:

Convert any list of addresses into a Google Map

Update your map with fresh MLS data and pictures every day.

As long as your list of properties is online somewhere, we can update your map every day with the latest addresses and photos.


Our technical team will write you a custom program to retrieve your data from an internet location, such as your MLS account, navigating its way through login boxes and search forms. The program will download the results, convert it to a standard format, and generate your map.

Your personal tech team member will help you set up your map's preferences, complete with your web site's graphics and navigation, logo, and contact information.

Next, the program will use FTP to upload the map to your web site, helping to ensure that your customers never leave your site when taking advantage of this powerful tool.
Any time you want to make a change to the information displayed on the map, you can log in and change it, or simply give us a call. Any photos included in the MLS information will also be downloaded and copied to your web site. If you prefer, we can store them on our server at no extra charge. In fact, a free website is included with the package.

A new way of looking at MLS listings.



Gold Seal Realtors Package:

Want to feature your MLS listings
and color code your own listings
to stand out?

Want a tool that automatically puts
the uploads online? Use Spreadsheet-To-Map's Gold Seal Realtors Package.

The Gold Seal Realtor Package offers automatic MLS download,
map configuration, and upload to your site daily, including pictures.

A one time set up fee applies, please call for information. 

         Price: $99/month

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